“So Future Generations Never Forget Your Family’s Legacy”

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Let Enduring Elephant Memoirs Write Your Life Story

Join the Enduring Elephant as we rumble together in low tones across the barren grasslands for our ancestors to hear. Write your life story with me so that future generations will never forget your family’s special legacy. Enduring Elephant Memoirs will interview and record you for up to ten hours, transcribe the interviews, compose your custom life story, collaborate with you to select photographs and other memorabilia for publication, and obtain the necessary copyright permissions to reprint them. Enduring Elephant Memoirs will work with other professionals to polish your life story for the printing and binding that lead to its publication. You will end up with a high quality hard or soft cover book of your life story to share with your loved ones for generations to come.


Enduring Elephant Memoirs: Write Your Life Story

Significant behaviors we humans have in common with elephants are the ability to recognize ourselves, to mourn the loss of loved ones, and to communicate in powerful low rumblings over vast distances to others.

Preserve your memories

Let Enduring Elephant Memoirs create and share your life story with your loved ones in limited-edition books for posterity.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Your life is a journey of collected dreams and crisp realities, haunting darkness and golden light.  Everyone has a story to tell about that journey.  Our ability to elicit and share the authentic stories of our lives is what makes us human, what gives us identity, meaning, and purpose.  Through storytelling we connect with one another, building the foundations for our personal histories, our families, and our communities,  Our stories reveal our uniqueness as well as underscore the fundamental experiences we all share,  As much as our stories shape us, we also shape the narrative that becomes our lives. 


A Family’s Story Is Its Glue

In addition to love, the glue that holds a family together over the years and through the generations is its unifying narrative arc.  A family coheres when its collective story has an expansive trajectory grounded in the past and when its positive moments are shared in written form.  A family can build its success story, including negative circumstances it has overcome, resulting in a significant shift of perspective that can be transformational for all involved.


The Resurgence of the Art of Storytelling

With the advent of the internet, there is a renewed interest in old-fashioned storytelling and a myriad of new ways to convey our stories. Recent innovative storytelling websites include The Moth with its live performances and podcasts, StoryCorps with its archived content recorded in audio storybooths, and StoryWorth with its collection of written and audio responses to weekly questions. Highlights from all of these have found their way into published books. Bestselling books from The Moth and StoryCorps prove that the country is hungry for life stories not only in audio format but also in written text. Despite the increasing popularity of innovative ways of gathering and sharing life stories, publishing them in written content remains the most desirable format for preserving our memories with the greatest longevity.



Who is the Enduring Elephant?

Priscilla McCormick is an honors graduate of Brown University,
with a bachelor of arts in English and American literature in 1991. She is a
recipient of the Minnie Hicks Prize for academic excellence. In the summer of
2008 she participated in the Brown Writers' Symposium on creative nonfiction.

Under the tutelage of Mary O'Brien Tyrrell in her June 2017 class, "Jumpstart Your Mem-
oirs Writing Business," at Bridgewater State University Cape Cod, Priscilla conceived of
the idea for Enduring Elephant Memoirs.

She currently resides on Cape Cod with her husband, Wesley McCormick.

To learn more
Call (508) 534-9366
Or email enduringelephant@gmail.com

Priscilla and her new business endeavor, Enduring Elephant Memoirs ,were recently featured in The Register on August 3, 2017.  Permission to share this link was granted by The Register, and by extension, Wicked Local: 

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